BuddyPress Forums error when creating

I just installed buddypress and the buddypress forums to a new WP multisite installation. However when i try to create a new topic in the forums and click post topic i'm receiving "There was an error when creating the topic"

I am currently using the wp.mu theme but the error is still present when i use the default theme.

I'm also using the Multi-DB plugin and In the bb-config.php it says my db is wrdp-1 but in my wrdp-1 DB there are no tables. However In my global DB there is a bb_forms table. Is that the right table? If so do i need to change the bb-config.php file OR do i need to possibly add the bb_forums table to wrdp-1 DB instead of the global DB?

Everything else seems to be working fine as i can create groups and users can join them, it's just when trying to post in the forums that this error occurs.

I also tried reinstalling the forums through the admin dashboard but it didn't help.