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I've seen others with this issue, but never with a real solution. I've installed BuddyPress successfully via the wizard as well as a site-wide forums setup. But when I went to http://mysite/forums it keeps reverting back to the home page.

So I went to Settings > Forums to check out the bbPress settings and saw that under Archive Slugs, the Forums Base was set to Forums and had a conflict message beside it saying it conflicted with BuddyPress' Forums page.

So I tried creating a new page called Discussions and in the BuddyPress > Pages area set the Discussion Forums page to my new Discussions page. Then when visiting http://mysite/discussions I see a static empty page.

So far the only way I can get this to work somewhat is to place the bbPress shortcode[bbp-forum-index]on the Discussions page to get the forum to show up. I would prefer to have it simply work the way it was originally intended though.

Any thoughts?

  • Philip John
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    This means that you have a page with the same name as the forums slug.

    You need to go to the Pages area of your dashboard and delete any pages that have forums at the beginning of their slug, including deleting permanently from the trash.

    Then, go back to BuddyPress > Pages and reset the forums page from there.


  • coreymj78
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    But, I want to use the actual page called "forums" in wordpress for the buddypress discussion forums page like it's supposed to work. I really don't need a page called "discussions" if I can just get the conflict to go away. Could you please lay it out for me step by step in detail so I can really know what to do with this?

    For example, are you saying to do this:

    1. Delete the existing page called "forums" in wordpress, even from trash.

    2. Reset the BuddyPress forums page option to... to what? I just deleted the wordpress page called forums.

    3. Also, what should I put in the Archive Slug Forum Base option in bbPress so that there is not another conflict?

    4. Also, why would this issue cause it to keep redirecting me to home page when I type in /forums ?

    Thanks so much.

  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    UPDATE: Ok I deleted the forums wordpress page and deleted trash. Then I got the error that said that the BuddyPress forums page was not associated, blah, blah. So I first checked to be sure that the bbPress Archive Slug Forums Base was set to something other than Forums (to avoid conflict) and then re-created a wordpress page called Forums, then in BuddPress > Pages assigned that page as the BuddPress Forums page again. Now the error goes away but guess what? It is still redirecting back to home page when I got to http://www.mysite/forums. What gives?

    Thanks for any help.

  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Just to document, I've tried the following combinations:

    1. BP forums page set to WP Forums page / bbPress slug set to Discussions = redirect issue

    2. BP forums page set to WP Discussions page / bbPress slug set to Forums = blank forums page (no forums on the page)

    3. BP forums page set to WP Forums page / bbPress option "Prefix your forum area with the Forum Base slug (Recommended)" UNCHECKED = redirect issue

    4. As well as other combinations I can't remember, but in all cases I either get a blank static page or a redirect. I just can't get this to work like it's supposed to unless i use the shortcode. Is using the bbPress shortcode the same thing then? Does it matter?

  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I’m getting this error when going to Mingles Design Settings and attempting to edit a layout:

    “Your active theme does not include bbPress template files. Your forums are using the default styling included with bbPress”

    Now please don’t tell me it’s my installation because I looked it up and many other people have had this same message with many other themes and from what I gather it’s a theme issue.

    Also, I was told this theme was out of the box compatible with BuddyPress to create forums and so on that look like this:


    How do I do this? Do I need to use group forums to get this cool look? Right Now my forums page look stupid, like this:


    Is it because I’m using site wide forums? If so, how to I uninstall site wide forums?

    So I see the buddypress.css file in the mingle directories, but I’m not seeing those styles being applied to my buddypress pages on my site. Plus the apparent error message that is saying I don’t have puddypress template files, tells me that something is disconnected that should be connected and this has to do with the theme files in the wp-content folder, not my entire installation.

    Maybe my theme only works like it was intended with the group forums option?

    IF that in that case, how do uninstall site wide forums and switch to group forums for BuddyPress? Also, it says the bbPress plugin is installed, but why do I not see the bbpress folder in my plugins folder in FTP? I’ve reconnected several times and it’s just NOT there… what the heck?

    Thanks for your help……

  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Nevermind, I just uninstalled bbPress 2.0, installed group forums and all is good. It now looks the way it is supposed to. Since the Mingle doesn't yet support bbPress fully with site wide forums, i'll just stick to this.

    Thanks anyone who posted or tried to help me.

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