BuddyPress Fun Theme - Your theme does not support post formats

I saw on a previous post, that having the message 'Your theme does not support post formats' means that this does not work the frontend and that a more up to date theme is required.

I'm using the BuddyPress Fun theme and get that message, so does that mean the BuddyPress Fun theme is not up to date, or do I just need to edit something?

I'm trying to keep as much as possible on the frontend, asking users to go to their admin to post a status update seems like it will just cause people not to bother.

  • DavidM
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    Hi Joe,

    Most themes don't support Post Formats just yet, actually. They're relatively new still, though very useful. That said, the plugin is built to handle them, but they're not at all required for use. They're just a nifty addition, one that not many people know much about just yet.

    Also, the BP Default theme doesn't support Post Formats just yet either, which is likely the reason BP Fun doesn't yet as well. Once BP is updated, should be soon, all the themes here will be updated as well and this'll most likely be taken into account at that point, which should be very soon. :slight_smile:


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