BuddyPress Gray Admin Bar

Hi all,

Having an issue with the BuddyPress Gray Admin Bar. I'm using Nelo as the frontpage/theme for my BuddyPress/WPMU site (ndcom.com), and I noticed that when I logged in and stay on the homepage and if I hover over "My Account" the drop down items would appear (i.e. Activity, Profile, Blogs, Wire, Messages, Friends, etc...), but when I navigate away from the homepage, the BuddyPress Gray Admin Bar is still there, but when I hover over "My Account" say in my own test blog at ndcom.com/ninhnguyen/ OR in the "About Us" page at ndcom.com/about/ the "My Account" only has one selection which is the "Log Out" option.

I want it such that when one hovers over the "My Account" on the BuddyPress Gray Admin Bar anywhere on the site, the same drop down menu appears which is the same one that "drops down" from the homepage.