BuddyPress group admin tabs disappear

BuddyPress group related plugin admin tabs are generated by function bp_group_admin_tabs(). The function calls the add_action functions in bp-groups-classes.php _register() function. The code like below:

add_action( 'groups_admin_tabs', create_function( '$current, $group_slug', '$selected = ""; if ( "' . esc_attr( $this->admin_slug ) . '" == $current ) $selected = " class="current""; echo "<li{$selected}><a>admin_slug ) ) . '">' . esc_attr( $this->admin_name ) . '</a>";' ), 10, 2 );

Theoritically, the groups_admin_tabs can be called by many plugins one by one. The plugins call the _register() through bp_register_group_extension() function all add_action directly like below:

add_action( "wp", array( &$add_members, "_register" ), 2 )

But strange things happened. I have 3 plugins with 4 admin tabs such as:

plugin BP Group Control: Add & Add existing admin tabs

plugin BP Hierarchy: Hierarchy admin tabs

plugin BP Customize Group: Background admin tabs

If I select default group admin tabs, all the plugin admin tabs show. But if I select plugin admin tabs, the after loaded plugin admin tabs disappear. I show all the pictures in the attachments.

After analyzing BuddyPress code, I think it is caused by the hook management system bugs.

Is there anyone can tell me why it happened and how to solve it?