BuddyPress Group Calendar 1.1 Released

BuddyPress Group Calendar 1.1 has just been uploaded. Lots of changes:

1.1 - 3/23/2010
- Fixed bug in BP 1.2 that messed up event url formatting (added //)
- Fixed permissions bug that prevented users or mods with limited permission from editing their own events
- Fixed activity stream notifications in BP 1.2
- Added a loader to prevent deadly errors when BP is deactivated
- Added a "Single Group Events" multi widget that allows you to display events from a chosen group
- Added a default .po translation file in the /languages/ folder

Due to differences in file structure in 1.1, please follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Deactivate the plugin
  2. Completely delete the bp-group-calendar folder
  3. unzip the new bp-group-calendar folder to wp-content/plugins
  4. Activate the plugin again