BuddyPress Group Calendar Breaks Site

When I attempt to install BuddyPress Group Calendar from the WPMU dashboard it just says ‘error’ and then my site and dashboard both go blank and I can’t access either one. The first time it occurred I went into the FTP and removed the plugin. However, when I attempted to install it again the same thing occurred only now the site is broken and the plugin isn’t showing in the FTP. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @jason

    Ouch, getting locked out is no fun at all. :slight_frown:

    First, let’s get your site back up, and you back in your admin.

    If you are using a tool like FileZilla for FTP access, it’s sometimes necessary to reconnect to your site to refresh things so you can double-check that the plugin is indeed present in the wp-content/plugins folder. Have you tried that?

    If you have, and it still is not visible, that means something corrupted the upload of the required file with the plugin header.

    The way around that, and to get you back up and running again, is to re-name the plugins folder to something else like DISABLEDplugins.

    That will effectively deactivate all plugins on your site, but it will allow you to get back into the admin.

    Once you are back in, rename the plugins folder to plugins again.

    Now we get to the debugging part. :slight_smile:

    How had you activated BuddyPress? Was it network-activated or active only on a single site in the network?

    Was BuddyPress active before you tried to install the activity calendar plugin?

    Was the Groups component enabled in BuddyPress settings?

    Had you added either of these constants to your wp-config.php?

    – To enable BP on a sub-site only:

    define('BP_ROOT_BLOG', 28);

    – To enable BP features on all sites in the network:

    define( 'BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG', true );

  • Jason
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey Patrick, thanks for the quick reply! I was able to get back into the site and resolve my issues using your advice. At some point the Groups component had become unchecked. I just had to check the box and then reinstall BP Group Calendar and everything is working fine. Thanks again!

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