Buddypress Group Conundrum


Please can I describe the following setup and ask for some feedback on how best to go about it in BP...

I want users to signup and choose a role. For instance you signup and select that you are a photographer.

Then we want the ability for this user to post in other group forums such as Models. But I really want to keep the distinction that this user is a Photographer and not a Model (as you can imagine :wink:

Ideally there are two sets of groups for this setup.

So here is my 1st question - One set of groups contains the members profession. This would even be searchable/sortable so I could view all users who are photographers and all users who are models.

2nd Question - But I also want the ability for a Photographer to write in the other proffesions grousp (eg. Photographer looking for a model in the models group.)

I did think about just being a little more strategic with groups and perhaps using nested-groups-plugin but to be honest I'm not confident on which solution is best and thought I'd tap into the hive mind for some advice.

Many thanks for reading/helping