Buddypress group events disappeared suddenly in widget and WYSIWYG for event creation not fitting in

This is very unusual but I just installed the Buddypress event calendar plugin and everything was working fine until suddenly my group events that are listed in the user widget are no longer there. They were there earlier today. I had not made any changes to any events or added any plugins since then.

Also, the WYSIWYG visual tab editor for the Event Calendar is not fitting in my table. Anyway that this could be corrected or adjusted?

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @tony

    Did you perhaps set the group those events are in to “Private”?

    If you are using the Group Events widget, only events in “Public” groups will display there.

    If you are using the “User’s Group Events” widget, events will only show to the logged-in user, and only of those groups the user is a member of.

  • emay
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I seem to have located the issue but not exactly how to fix it. It seems that the event calendar is several hours ahead of the time zone I am in and therefore has considered the event complete.

    I know the timezone that I have set to my WordPress site is accurate so is there a setting that needs to be changed to adjust the Buddypress Group Event calendar to be in line with the time of the site?

    Attached is the screen shot of the event. Please take note that I modified this simply to make sure that it was saved properly. Notice the time that it was modified it was 9:20pm and the event starts at 8:00pm. It's 3:32 pm here.

    Anyway to get this on track?

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