Buddypress Group Map "requires BuddyPress Profile maps add-on" Issue


I noticed when creating a group with the Google Map installed that it says this line, "requires BuddyPress Profile maps add-on" after a checkbox. I personally don't want my members seeing that line as they won't know what that is and I don't want them to even see that.

I edited out the line myself in wp-content/plugins/wpmudev_dev_maps_plugin/lib/plugins/agm-bp-group_maps.php, but every update I do for the Google Maps plugin I have to go in and edit out the line again obviously.

It would be really great if that that line could be edited out so I don't have to keep doing this procedure for every update? I'm sure there are more people who feel the same way as I do, as not everyone wants to tell people what programs they are running.

Thank you for your help,