Buddypress - How to change password if registered via Facebook?

Is it possible for users to change their password within buddypress if the registered with Facebook?
The "change Password" page requires an existing password, which is obviously not available...

  • aristath
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    The very nature of Facebook login is such that does not allow such a change. And I'm not talking about the plugin, I'm talking about facebook itself.
    Imagine this:
    A user logins lo your site using facebook.
    Then, he decides he wants to change his password (which is not possible because the word change implies that it already exists, and this is not the case).
    Suppose he could change his password... then what would happen the next time they tried to login?
    They would login using their facebook account and then be asked for a password.
    It is simply not the way users expect facebook login to work and it's not the way that the facebook guys designed it.

    If they want to change their password, they'll have to change their facebook password, since this login only uses user authentication based on their facebook API credentials.
    A workaround would be to change their email to use their actual email address, and then on the login screen press the link that allows them to recover a lost password.
    But then their account would be converted to a normal account, nullifying the need for a facebook login.

    I hope that helps make it a bit more clear...
    It's not as easy as it looks!


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