Buddypress installation on WPMU


First question happy to be a fresh new member:slight_smile:

I run a buddypress site that I installed on a multi site wordpress installation.

Now, I would like to enable our members to register a new site as we plan to develop services a bit like edublog.

When I tested it seems that when a user create a new site and login after, he/she is directed to his buddypress profile.

The problem here is that it’s not evident to find the link to access to the dashboard and start managing their site. Not everyone has the intuition to go to mysite on the top left. Also, as I used the plugin ‘WP Hide Dashboard’ to hide the mysite link for normal users it’s a bit confusing for users to find the link to their site.

My question is simple: 1/ Would you recommend using a wordpress MU installation with Buddypress or is it better to run separately Buddypress from a wordpress MU installation for better focus.

2/In case it’s better to run a wordpress MU installation separated from Buddypress, how to enable members of Buddypress creating sites on parent site B to access with their Buddypress login information?

Thanks for your advice!:slight_smile: