BuddyPress installed BBpress but I can't find it - can I remove functionality?

Okay, so I have a BuddyPress installation, complete with theme and all is happy.

Thing is, the forums it shows as integrated are *very* primative and I'd like to remove them, in favour of my own development on BBpress or phpBB. I understand BP installed BBpress during it's setup, and the functionality is there, but I can't find the installation anywhere - which is a pain because I want to extend on it.

I also understand I can bridge phpBB into MU, and operate it like that. My ultimate goal is a fully functional forum, and it doesn't matter whether I use BBpress or phpBB at this point, but I need to be able to develop on it, add plugins, write code, etc etc.

So, how can I bin the built in functionality of the forums in BP, in favour of my own including bridge, or how can I develop upon these built in forums to do what I actually want them to?

Long winded question, hope it makes sense.