Buddypress installed on secondary site – does not show posts from network

Okay. First off, I tried this question in the buddypress forums –>. https://buddypress.org/support/topic/sub-site-posts-not-showing-up-in-activity-feed-after-bp-moved-to-secondary-blog/

They’re telling me (at least then) that BP must be installed on the main root blog instead of on a sub-site in order for it to receive and show posts from sub-sites in the network. Yet this is an issue for me because I want to use different themes for the main site and the buddypress site.

I seem to recall that when I started with a * fresh * install of Buddypress that it * did * work while on a sub-site, though this was a while ago.

It’s * crucial * to have posts from the various sites in the network showing up in the Activity feed for the community. I wonder … anyone know of a workaround for this? If I switch BP over to the main site (site 1) it works fine. Yet this is not what I want. I wonder, if it did work when I did a fresh install of BP, perhaps there is a way to delete those tables and emulate a fresh start?

Any ideas of this? I’ve also considered copying the buddypress site *over* the main root site and switching the current root site to somewhere else but I’m * very * cautious of doing this as I don’t know what tables or what-not would be destroyed in that maneuver.

There must be a way. Help requested :slight_smile: