BuddyPress Login page improvements

I find the standard buddypress create an account/sign up process confusing as users have to first create 'Account Details' (wordpress) that includes a username, and then the Buddypress user details (profile details) that also includes a username (screen name).

Is there a plug in or code change that ca be made to make this more intuitive? I’ve observed a few users setting up accounts unaided who could not understand firstly why they have to put in x2 usernames (and the wordpress one wont allow any numeric, spaces, etc) to then find that when posting they have x2 names showing the screen name and the @username).

The only solution ive come close to is to hide the wordpress username box and populate this automatically using increments and instead get users to login with their email address. But this then has issues for sending user account details, etc...

Is there anyway to bring the wordpress username and buddypress name together so one could/can be removed?