Buddypress Login Redirect Issues

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ME: buddypress login redirects the user to login at the wp login.

KIM: Do you have a registration page set for the Buddypress login?

The login form on the sidebar is not buddypress login? most BP themes have this….

ME: I have security software stopping access to the the native wordpress login.

KIM: Can you turn this off to test if it’s causing the issue?

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It seems Ive solved this temporarily as concerns to the security software (WP Better Security) However if a user get the pass wrong the site still slings to the native wordpress theme.

Kim, FYI the theme I’m using is the buddypress default, I’ve only adjusted it’s appeareance with CSS – no hacks or mods

I’d like a way for the site to keep the user at the front page login even after a failed login and never send to WP login for any reason – it just looks tacky when the happens, you know : )