Buddypress + Marketpress + Supporter, needing help with overlapping text on register/sign up page

ok guys, please help me…I am beginning to panic. today, i switched from pay-to-blog to supporter. last week, I added buddypress. I also have marketpress. formerly, when i first migrated from stand wordpress to wpmu, I had marketpress and supporter. thru trial and error, I discovered that I needed pay-to-blog rather than supporter (for my needs at that time). my needs have changed, so I went back to supporter, installed buddypress, and am currently testing non-supported chained payments in the sandbox.

Here’s my dilemma since the change:

my “register” button takes people to a register page that has overlapping text. In the menu bar, I have a “sell” tab, it is suppose to take the person to the same page. The url goes to a page that I don’t see in my dashboard. When Buddypress is deactivated, the register page is fine. Also, Supporter is showing up in “must-use” plugins. Is that correct?

When on the edublogs site, the front page gives subscription level options. I am unable to achieve this feature. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks a bunch!!!!