Buddypress & Membership

Can these two plug-ins work together? I'm getting conflicting information as I read through this forum.

Major Issue:
I saw here https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/membership-plug-and-registration-page#post-76026 that I should deactivate the Registration page (set to None) b/c Membership takes over the registration process. It doesn't. When I do that there are no fields on my registration page.

As I've posted before, but can't seem to find the answer or get a straight one, is the problem I am having is that my registration page doesn't resemble the attached screenshot (1st att.). I've attached how my registration page looks (2nd att.).

There should be a two step registration process: 1) sign up and complete your details and 2) choose your subscription level. I have the 1st step, but not the 2nd one. I want the option for folks to register the site for free and to have the paid option after sign-up. That's it.

- I have all three Membership Gateways activated. Does that matter?
- I have four Membership/Access Levels? (screen attached/3rd att.) Does that matter?
- How do the Wordpress roles play into how a new member is labeled when they sign-up to the site? The New User Default role is Member. Should it be Subscriber instead? Whats the difference between these two roles?
- I have a Free and Premium Subscription Plan and both are activated. Should only one be activated?

Can anyone across this forum help me? Thanks.