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I have a general question.. I'm I have idea for a site that will mimic LinkedIn. I'm working with BuddyPress & the Boss theme from BuddyBoss. It's a membership site that is mostly free but certain areas could become premium. I want to add job posting and some advertising. With that comes the requirement to collect money at some point....

I'm struggling a bit as to whether I need the Membership plugin side of this. As I look at the plugins that are out there they seem a bit overkill but I"m not sure.

Does anyone have any perspective on this type of site and what the plugin requirements might be?

My gut tell me to use a membership plugin to be the frontend to the site thus giving me complete control of access to every page - even if I'm not collecting money at this point.

Sorry if this kind of rambles a bit - My head is swimming trying to come up with the proper configuration. I'm trying to avoid spending a ton of time only to find out I didn't get it right

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    Hi Keith,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I think you are on a right track. For any community website BuddyPress is first choice and for memberships of course Membership 2 Pro is best plugin out there.

    But for exact flow like linkedn or any website, you must customize some parts of any plugin you use (even if you are not using one of above mentioned plugins).

    One more option is if you think Membership 2 Pro is an overkill then you need to develop your own membership solution. I am saying this because all of other plugins like this are built for general audience and may not suite exactly for ones requirements.

    But the very good thing in Memberhsip 2 Pro plugin is its add-ons system. You can disable components you don't want to use.

    Secondly its is completely an OOP model with very clean and professional code + it offers tons of hooks and filters. That allows you to further extend and modify the plugin according to your own requirements.

    One more thing, Membership 2 Pro have built in integration with BuddyPress. You can use BP registration form instead of M2. So that is a big plus!

    Right now I suggest you to plan, because no one can understand your business model better than you. Once you are clear then look for options provided by these two plugins. If all exists then start implementing. If there are somethings that does not exists and you know PHP then extend the plugin according to your requirement using actions/filters hooks.

    If you don't know PHP then hire a professional from jobs board to further extend the functionality/flow of these plugins according to your own requirements.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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