Buddypress + Membership - Registration


I am building a Buddypress + Membership Plugin site and am running into the following issue:

- configuring registration and subscriptions ?

Buddypress defaults to /register/ as the location of the sign up pages. Membership installation instructions ask me to create a new registration page. I found here:

If I point Membership to /register/ in membership-options then new user registers but no subscription options are offered (I have subscriptions set up, activated and public). They just see the normal buddypress "registration complete"

If I create a NEW registration page for Membership (and set it on the options page + add shortcode), say: /join/ I get "Page not Found" when I try to access http://www.url.com/join/

This page says I should "disable" buddypress registration: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/membership-plug-and-registration-page#post-76026

but this one says, Membership plugin can use buddypress registration:

any help please?