Buddypress menus fail with Domain Mapping

Upon applying the domain mapping plugin the buddypress MyAccount menu fails.

The site is a fresh build and I have tested this problem with both ARecord and CNAME mapping and with two separate sub sites.

I have a primary site running buddypress at primary.org
I establish a secondary site secondary.primary.org
All works fine accessing secondary.primary.org/

I map the site newname.org to the primary IP address and check the redirect sends me to the primary site

I log into the secondary site as admin and apply the domain mapping from newname.org

Site works fine within its own scope e.g. newname.org/sample-page/ gives the correct page

Checking buddypress on primary.org all is working fine so members gives
//primary.org/members/username/activity/ which works

I then go the subsite using the new URL
everything still fine within the site scope BUT if I click on the Buddypress MyAccount menu then I get
//newsite.org/members/username/activity/ which gives a "This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?" error.

The plugin reports to be compatible with buddypress - but this error would suggest that it is not as it is failing to recognize the need to feed these menus to the primary and not the secondary. (your only meant to have one buddypress)

Can you help?