Buddypress – More Fun Plugins like gifts

It seems a lot of fun stuff is missing when it comes to Buddypress. Stuff that would help out keeping your members coming back or enjoy doing.

To bad this plugin is not working properly for 1.5:


Also stuff that would help webmasters who own dating sites: Flirt plugin.

Send Wink or Give love…

Basically stuff that you see at Myyearbook.com and Tagged.com:

Owned, Pets, Sticker, High five, Give Star, Flirt, Give Tag, Wink, Love……

I have been doing some research for the last 2 years and it seems those are the things that keep a lot of people attracted. I know there is a lot of professionalism here and so the mayourity may hate these kind of things. But I can ensure you that most of the people using community sites just go mostly for the fun. After facebook, myyearbook and tagged are the biggest (myspace and beebo, high five, hyves.. no so great these days).

Or maybe I’m missing something?

Anyways… I would love to see more of those kinds of plugins.