buddypress multiblog ON + multidomain display little issue

Hi !

Experimenting the "multiblog" buddypress function it works fine.

I am building a "global" bp network BUT with 6 differents portals with different content but ONE community (groups forums etc)

For now it works fine.

The subsites with buddypress are mapped, and the domain is also availble in multidomain for site creation.

It works just fine BUT i have a display issue on those subsites on the blog creation form : the text area is automatically completed by the subsite domain, AND the dropdown menu is on top. Of course the site creation process takes the domain choosen in the menu.

I would like to have the dropdown above or at bottom of the text area and not display the default site adress.

I have n o idea on what to change.

Sure create a child theme (in order to not alter the default child themes used on other sites) but what do I need to change ?

Moreover, it seems the "join us" default link on themes take the original domain, not the mapped one, which causes an issue in that scenario.