BuddyPress - Multiple Instances of Group Extension API

I've followed the steps listed at http://codex.buddypress.org/developer-docs/group-extension-api/ to create a BuddyPress plugin that goes through the following steps (note that the BP_Group_Extension classes are directly from the Codex, only changing their names and slugs) :

1) checks BuddyPress is active

2) requires a file that sets up:
class Group_Stats_Extension extends BP_Group_Extension

3) requires a file that sets up:
class Group_Spotlight_Extension extends BP_Group_Extension

4) requires a file that sets up group meta according to Codex:

5) bp_register_group_extension( 'Group_Stats_Extension' );

6) bp_register_group_extension( 'Group_Spotlight_Extension' );

add_action( ‘bp_include’, ‘bp_group_meta_init’ );
(Step 7 just runs the group meta function from Step 4)

My issue is that when accessing ‘groups/test-group/admin/stats’ everything disappears for my ‘spotlight’ extension. If I change around the order of the bp_register_group_extension() calls, the second group extension always disappears ONLY when in the admin of the first group extension.

Should I be loading these group extensions in separate plugins or maybe bp-custom.php? I've taken a gander at the source for the bp_register_group_extension() function and it doesn't accept a priority or multiple extensions. I don’t understand what would be causing this only on the first registered extension’s admin area, as everything works fine in all other extension areas..