Buddypress, Multisite cache plugin recommendation?

hi all,

what cache plugin do you recommend with a Buddypress & Multisite install? WP Super? W3 Total? or...?


  • wpcdn


    Funny you should ask that. We've been testing in-depth on multisite (but not BuddyPress yet). Here's a quick summary:

    WP Super Cache - Great, reliable plugin with active development and support. However, somewhat lacking as far as multisite goes. Can only be Network Activated, with no way for sub-site owners to clear their own cache. This is a problem when users change their theme, for example. However, my hunch is that better multisite support will be added at some point.

    W3 Total Cache - Great, but requires rocket science for many to figure out. Cannot be Network Activated. Must be activated by each blog owner. A good choice, but only if you don't mind asking users to activate and possibly configure it.

    Quick Cache - The current winner for us. Can only be Network Activated, but has better multisite support than Super Cache. Clears sub-site's cache if theme is changed. Can also be configured to clear a sub-site's cache when a page or post is updated, or to just clear the cached item, or the cached item and the site's front page. Downside is that support for this plugin is basically nonexistent, however the plugin is updated frequently.

    Hope this helps.


  • wpcdn

    have you tried W3TC with the plugin manager to auto activate and bulk activate?

    No, but I'm afraid to. The author of the plugin said it needs to be activated per-blog, but maybe that would work.

    BTW, which plugin manager are you using? We don't use Supporter, so we were using a separate plugin manager (a modified version of one that used to be offered here, I think). But it doesn't seem 3.1-compatible.

    Is quick cache configurable on the user end? I'd just as soon not allow users the ability to affect performance on the server at all. Much better to have a standard caching system in place and have it be mostly invisible to them.

    That's exactly how it works. All settings are hidden from sub-site owners. If they need to clear their cache they can do it by changing themes or updating a page or post (or category or whatever). The plugin works well, doing what it needs to do unobtrusively.

    Do you know if any of these work reliably with Multi-DB?

    Sorry, I don't know the answer to that.

    WPMU DEV, are there any criteria for determining whether a plugin works with Multi-DB?



  • wpcdn

    @shawn: Thanks, @wpcdn. Can you provide a link to quick cache?

    Glad to:


    @gina: Thanks Mark! That is actually the one I decided on last nite. :slight_smile: it's working as it should.

    My pleasure! Glad it's working for you as well.

    @Aaron: Super cache works great if you use a single server, just set it to not cache for logged in users and they won't even notice.

    I thoroughly love Super Cache as well, especially Donncha's responsiveness. The downside for us is the lack of a couple of functions, for example users complain when they change themes and see pages with the old theme until the cache clears itself. I like that Quick Cache handles this automagically, and I've suggested this to Donncha as well.

    @shawn: I use a modified version of Aaron's "WPMU Plugin Manager" (probably the same base as you, but I fixed the 3.1 compatibility issues). I think I got the original from this site about a year ago.

    Is there any way you'd be willing to share any details on how to implement the 3.1 fix?


  • wpcdn

    Actually, I have a much better view of Quick Cache's support now. I just got responses to a couple of inquiries I had sent, including an explanation that they don't normally take so long to reply. They were working on a WordPress 3.1 issue, probably for another one of their plugins. The responses were more helpful than I could have imagined. For example, I had asked if there's any way to give sub-site users their own "Clear Cache" buttons, and they showed me how to do it.

    So I'm now just as impressed with their support as I am with the plugin itself.


  • Shawn

    Thanks, Mark!

    I installed Quick Cache on one of my sites yesterday. Well, I mostly did. The permissions checks and permissions required for it to operate are terrifying to me. 755 on wp-config.php and the entire wp-content folder? Seriously? That's absurd. I can think of *no* reason why that could possibly be necessary.

    Today, I changed the checks so they were actually valid and setup a relay for the advanced-cache.php file, and ensured the only files that the plugin writes to are in it's own cache folder (+ wp-config)..
    After these changes, activating the QC plugin actually worked. The only issue is - I'm terrified another one of the admins is going to "upgrade" the plugin and revert the code changes when an update is released. Sigh.

  • Qlof

    One problem I found with Quick Cache was that it would cache a page for a mobile device and show it to PC visitors as well. If the first reader of a page was on a mobile device and I'd go to the post from my computer, the mobile version was shown and the only way to fix it was to clear cache.

    Did anyone else have a similar problem with any of these plugins? I believe more and more visitors are on mobile devices nowdays...

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