Buddypress Multisite - New Sites not appear on on Sites page

I have a new install with Buddypress Multisite using the latest
* Wordpress Multisite 3.2.1
* Buddypress 1.5.1
* Membership 2.1.2
* Pro-sites 3.0.3

The process is users sign up using Membership. There are two groups of users. Both are free. One group of users has the ability to create blogs. The site charges a monthly fee for the creation/maintenance of the blog. All blogs are private. Blog owners can invite users to be users on their site (have access and also contribute).

I have found that both for the site creators and the additional users that while they can get access to the sub-sites that they have access to on the following pages when they load it does not as default show their rights to access the site

* http://domain.com/sites/ (just shows the default site but if you click on my sites it will show all the sites they have access to)
* http://domain.com/members/username/blogs/ (just shows the default site but if you change order by from last active to newsest and it updates with all of the sites)

All sub-sites appear on the admin bar (at the top) under Sites dropdown.

Thanks for your help