BuddyPress not activating on new WP.MU install

On https://premium.wpmudev.org/the-buddypress-manual/about-the-buddypress-admin-bar/ it says that: "When you install BuddyPress it adds the BuddyPress Admin bar which displays at the top of every site and dashboard on your network".

We have a WP.MU installation of MultiSite, BuddyPress and bbPress with the main domain at http://charitiestoday.org/.

CharitiesToday.org has the most current BuddyPress Default theme installed (V

We have a subdirectory network site at http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/ which is domain mapped to allmyzip.com.

AllMyZip.com has a completely separate Administrator and a completely separate User ID and password from CharitiesToday.org and it uses the default TwentyEleven theme.

The main site, site ID=1, currently has only 3 plugins installed, all Network Activated.

All other plugins have been deactivated to test why on allmyzip.com:

1 - The BuddyPress Admin bar is not displaying at the top of the Dashboard of this site;

2 - Why the links on this site under My Account (on the FRONT end of the site when the Administartor of this site is logged in) are all going to charitiestoday.org pages and not to allmyzip.com pages; and

3 - Why BuddyPress functionality does not appear to be installed on allmyzip.com to where the site admin of that site can access it in any way.

The MAIN sites plugins are:

BuddyPress (
Domain Mapping (3.0.7)
WPMU Update Notifications (2.1.3)

The WordPress MultiSite install is 3.3.1. In short, all of the software, themes and plugins are the most current versions and all excess plugins are removed other than those in question on this thread.

When the Administator of allmyzip.com (physically located at charitiestoday.org/kirk1/) is logged in, a nav bar with a My Account link appears only on the FRONT end of this site. A BuddyPress nav bar is NOT currently visible from within the Dashboard.

Additionally, all of the links on that page are going to charitiestoday.org pages, not to allmyzip.com pages. Mousing over those links shows the URLs they are going to:

My Account > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/
Activity > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/activity/
Profile > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/profile/
Sites > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/blogs/
Messages > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/messages/
Settings > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/settings/ and so on.

In short: BuddyPress functionality does not appear activated for allmyzip.com and the domain mapping is still generating links to charitiestoday.org from the My Account link in the nav bar at the top of the logged in site administators FRONT end pages.

What is it that we do we need to do to correct these issues?

Thanks very much,


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Bruce,

    That really is just odd. Could you try un-mapping the domain for a moment to see how it works with that? Basically, you just delete the domain mapped name under the Tools menu on that particular sub-site.

    That'll help us to see if it's related to Domain Mapping or something else.


  • brucewp
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi David,

    I've unmapped the domain on the sub-site but the odd behaviour still continues.

    If I'm on a page within the subsite, such as the home page at http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/ all the links to the pages on the sub-site (such as About Us, Services, Contact Us, For Sale and so on) all display the proper content.

    Yet, if I click any of the links under the My Account menu in the top nav on the front end, such as My Account, Activity, Profile, Sites, etc., this takes me completely out of the sub-site and the pages displayed are all on CharitiesToday.org!! I.E., it's the same mapping as shown before:

    My Account > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/
    Activity > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/activity/
    Profile > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/profile/
    Sites > http://charitiestoday.org/members/kirk1/blogs/

    Please keep in mind this top nav bar containing the My Account link only appears on the front end if I'm logged in as the admin of the /kirk1/ sub-site, kirk1.

    Additionally, in the dashboard of /kirk1/ there is still no BuddyPress functionality at all showing and no top nav bar. Strange, indeed!! I'll leave the domain mapping off so we have one less variable to trouble shoot.

    Thanks very much for your help,


  • brucewp
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    I have resolved one problem, though maybe only with a cosmetic solution.

    I logged in the Network as the Network Super Admin. In the Network admin backend, on the BuddyPress > Setings tab, I selected the option to "Hide admin bar for logged out users". Now site admin kirk1 does not see the top admin bar on the front end of his site. As a result of this, he cannot possibly click a link in the My Account link grouping (which are BUDDYPRESS links that connect to BuddyPress type pages). However, the front end links were going to CharitiesToday.org pages.

    So, the unanswered question at this time is: Why is BuddyPress functionality and the BuddyPress admin bar not showing when he is logged into his own sites backend/dashboard? I.e., why can he not do BuddyPress features from his logged in Admin status?

    If BuddyPress gets enabled on his Admin back end, then his My Account links just might map correctly to his own pages!

    What do you think??

  • brucewp
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I have tried creating a brand new site today called BuddyPress One. This site got created at http://charitiestoday.org/bp1/.

    Although the most current BuddyPress plugin is Network activated and no additional plugins are installed (Attachment 1), this brand new site is still not showing as BuddyPress enabled.

    This can be seen by:
    1 - None of the pages that would be found in a BuddyPress install exist on this site:
    http://charitiestoday.org/bp1/forums/ (Attachment 2) and;

    2 - The admin panel for this site does not show Buddy Press as installed (Attachment 3).

    Even the admin panel of the MAIN install of the network, CharitiesToday.org, does not have the BuddyPress admin bar accessible to it. (Attachment 4)

    The only place the BuddyPress admin bar shows in the entire network is in the left panel of the overall network admin area (which is also seen in Attachment 1).

    There appear to be no settings that I can find anyplace to specify adding the BuddyPress admin bar and/or BuddyPress features to any individual sub-site on this Network install.

    When we selected the Community Start-Up option on WP.MU with MultiSite, BuddyPress and bbPress integrated with user-bases, cookies and logins, it appeared that the integration of these 3 were already pre-configured to work together, which they don't seem to be doing.

    Despite many days of searching, we can't find any documentation as to how to make the BuddyPress features show up on this turnkey install for ANY sub-site at this time. Any help in trouble shooting this will be very much appreciated.



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