Buddypress not sending activation link

This site was hacked on 2.28.2014 fluffey.com by IP address I don't know what they did although they have caused me allot of damage all of my work is destroyed I don't believe it is buddy press group email.
Although this was reported to the local FBI a personal friend is seeking into this repeated hacking that is taking down my web sites. I am a server admin and I have my servers pretty secure to say they are always checked for security issues and security updates. This site was restored prior to 2.28.2014 to avoid the hacking damage I guess he must have found a way in prior to this because it will not send a email activation link to any of my emails. I am more than displeased that I do not understand the rudeness in this world today. Can someone tell me how to fix this I would hate to have to redo this whole site over again although at this rate I would imagine that's what I have to do.
Also I see that I have to sign into WPMU to update some of my plugins what if I don't want to sign in is this why my buddypress is not sending me a activation link.
My best regards Vincent Juliano