BuddyPress On ALL Blogs?

Ok, I have a BuddyPress Group Forums installation. I got all my other issues figured out and everything is running great. The Group Forums option apparently uses the internal database instead of bbPress 2.0 with custom "forum" and "replies" post types etc. Which I guess I don't need. The reason I went with Group Forums internal database option is because my current theme Mingle is not compatible with the Site-Wide forum option (which uses bbPress 2.0 and custom post types).

That said, I still can't figure out (after BuddyPress has been installed on the main root blog site) how to get it to work on a sub-blog (sub domain) site within my multisite network. How is this done? In order to associate BuddyPress' pages, I have to go to my main network admin dashboard and click on BuddyPress page settings, but these pages are only associated with my main (root domain) blog site, and there are no options for any sub-blog (sub-domain) sites.

Would someone mind filling me in on how I use BuddyPress on my sub-blog sites within my network?

Thanks so much!