BuddyPress Pages are All Restricted

So here's my situation with the Membership Plugin. I have a few levels free, subscriber, partner, etc. Right now the only restrictions I have are that the partners can create groups in BP. All other content is freely available to everyone - not a complicated setup. I have a stranger level set, etc. Everything works perfectly for member registration and logging in, tec. Members get added to the right level / subscription. However, all the BuddyPress pages are restricted by default it seems.

This site uses the Blogs MU theme, but the BP pages have been added through a custom menu so that there can be more items in the Community drop down. Even on the "View my Profile" button, I get a no access message. I have tried adding BuddyPress pages to the positive rules for all of my levels but nothing seems to work. Any ideas why BuddyPress areas are completely restricted for all levels, despite no rules pertaining to BuddyPress being assigned to any level?

  • DavidM

    Hello Sarah,

    I've got a test site now setup using Blogs Mu with Membership setup to match your settings as specified here and I am able to access the BuddyPress pages using any of the membership levels I've created, including two different levels with and without the Group Creation rule (I tried using positive and negative rules on this and still could see other BuddyPress pages).

    I 'm wondering at this point what exactly your rules sections look like for your membership levels, as they may be somehow conflicting with BuddyPress pages for some odd reason.

    Could you maybe provide a screenshot or two of your rules area for the Partners membership level you mentioned?

    And actually, could you specify which version of version of Membership you're using? On my test site I went through a few versions just to be thorough and last tested using version 1.0.5. The respective membership levels on those versions all worked the same, with the BuddyPress pages being accessible.

    As another possible fix, you could also try the 1.1b version which includes URL Groups where you can specify the BuddyPress page urls specifically and you could place them in the positive rule area to see if that forces the urls to be accessible.

    Going that route, for the URL Groups BuddyPress you could maybe try using the following:


    With the regular expression option set to Yes.

    With a URL Group like that setup as a positive rule, it may force the system to be able to access those urls. Though it would still be good to determine why the BuddyPress pages are being restricted in the first place.


  • Sarah Gooding

    Thanks David. I neglected to mention that I'm already using the beta version of the plugin. I just tried adding in the URL Group as suggested. When I do this, the user can't even access the front page - it becomes restricted. When I remove the URL Group from positive rules then we have the same problem of only BuddyPress URLs being restricted.

    I've attached an image of the Partner level, the only one that has positive rules. All other levels have neither negative nor positive rules.

  • DavidM

    That is strange that it would restrict the BuddyPress pages given only a signle Group Creation rule like that. I've just adjusted my test site to reflect that one rule and it's not having that same result. Could you maybe try removing that rule momentarily to see if the BuddyPress pages are viewable then?

    As another check, could you also see if your error logs mention anything regarding Membership?

    I'm going to alert Barry on this as well, as I really can't see another reason for the BuddyPress page restriction.


  • Sarah Gooding

    Where would I see in the tables if the plugin were still operating as if it were on the Lite version? I just doubled checked the membership rules and here's what I have (attached image).

    When I use the BuddyPress URL group as you suggested and then enable the plugin, I get no access for any pages at all. When I just have the group creation rules added, then users get access to everything EXCEPT BuddyPress pages, and they can't even view their own profiles. I hesitate to drop all the membership tables because we've added a bunch of members to different subscriptions and that takes quite a bit of time, given that the filtering seems to be broken on the Edit Members page.

    Could anyone let me know what I'm looking for in the database to see why it would restrict access on all the BP pages?

  • Sarah Gooding

    Thanks for your reply Richie, but no the privacy setting for theme have always been disabled. I'm thinking it must be some strange obscure setting that I'm missing or perhaps something that I can change in the membership tables that still remains from the Lite version? I deleted the plugin entirely and uploaded the Membership Pro files via FTP when I added it - is there anything else one needs to do when upgrading from Lite?

  • Mason

    Hiya Sarah,

    Hmm... assuming this is not a 'live' site. If you haven't already, you can log into the database and delete all of the tables that were created by the lite plugin (the all have a _m_ prefix - there should be around 20 of them). Then reinstall with the Full 2.0.2 Membership version.

    Alternatively, send me an email with your login credentials so I can have a look - but my hunch is something weird in the database that isn't getting cleared.


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