BuddyPress plugins suggestion: FB Connect+Media Album+Calendar

Hi everyone,

I was filling in the WPMUDEV survey and thought I would share my ideas with the rest of you;

BP Facebook connect plugin:
which would let users import/invite their friends to WPMU/Buddypress.. So they will not only be able to login with the FB details but also invite their friends and let Facebook status updates and Wall posts in BuddyPress be synchronized.. (so if a user posts something on his/her facebook wall it will show up on the BP site and vice versa). Facebook is the biggest social network in the world and it would make it so much easier to let new users import/invite their friends.. A very good plugin similar for the socialengine platform is this: http://www.socialenginemods.net/social-engine/plugins/13/full-facebook-connect-publisher

BP Calendar Plugin Extension:
The calendar plugin is good but I would like to see an option Attending/Not Attending for users so you could how many members are interested in an Event..

BP Photo/Video Album: This would allow users to easily upload photos to their album or add a youtube video to their profile.. It would be cool if their would be one main page/directory which lists all the latest updated albums/profiles and an options to search for media trough the WP tag function.. It would also be nice if you could tag persons in photos!

Let me know what you think :slight_smile: