Buddypress profile fields links going haywire

I don't know whether anyone here can help but I haven't been able to find a solution to this particular buddypress problem anywhere else.

I have buddypress installed on my website and use it to run the client area. I am also using the extended profile fields option so members can complete a user profile. I have run into a wierd issue when either changing profile tabs or actually trying to save the information.

When you click on the profile tabs (field groups) or click the save button the site redirects to a random image from the library, hovering over the tabs shows that they are directing to my website address folled by /downloads/ms_2803. sometimes the number changes but it always brings up a random image from my media gallery.

Does anyone know how to resolve this, I've tried disabling plugins to see if there's a conflict and changing the theme, I'm now all out of ideas, so any help would be much appreciated.