Buddypress profile groups fields - bypass the base group


I've created a series of profile field groups for different user types. There is one for a rider (Base), event organizer and finally a business user.

Currently im using the 'BuddyPress Conditional Field Groups' plugin to hide and show the event organizer and business groups based on the user but the Rider(Base) panel is there for all 3 user types.

Is there anyway to to hide the base panel based on the user either through coding or through the above plugin. Alternatively is there another plugin we could use?

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Michelle, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    The Base group that BuddyPress provides would have to be removed from the registration page by a custom registration template most likely (though it being simple is another matter), but I would like to ask what fields might be in there presently? Could they be moved to a separate field group?

    As that Base group's always supposed to be shown (due it to containing fields such as a Name field, the essentials for any user) it'd be more workable to have the Rider specific profile fields be in a separate field group instead (as plugins seem to only target user created profile groups).

    Please advise,

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