BuddyPress profile "Load More" link -- How do I change the wording?

At the bottom of a profile wall there's the link "Load More." I'm not sure if this is a BuddyPress feature or if it's coming from my theme.

If this link is a feature in BuddyPress, where exactly is the file located so that I may edit the text of this link? When the link is clicked, the result is dynamic, so the buffering wheel in the browser tab doesn't spin and their's no buffering wheel showing at the bottom of the page to indicate that something will happen. I would like to change the text of this "Load More" link to read, "Load older posts -- Results will be displayed in a few seconds."

I realize that I will have to re-edit the code upon updating BuddyPress at anytime in the future.

I have the BP Activity Autoloader plugin from BuddyDev, which automatically loads the older posts when you scroll to the bottom of the screen, but I want to eliminate extra, somewhat unnecessary, plugins.

Any help is greatly appreciated.