BuddyPress Profile Privacy

Hi am looking at using BuddyPress for a social network I am building based on a dating site.

I have look at the profile privacy available to BuddyPress as standard and using plugins but have yet to find a solution that fits my requirements.

Perhaps I need to hack the code myself, but need pointers of where I can acheive this(if at all possible)!

I would like the members to be able to choose who sees their profile based on fields within their profile.

For example, I want to only allow buddypress members to access the profile that they are looking for, so say you are looking for a guy who is between 30 - 40, your profile will not be available to users who are either younger or older than the age you has stipulated. This would also be used for various other fields of your profile like the sex of the profile. So if you are looking for a female, males would not be allowed to view your profile.

Any Ideas!