BuddyPress Protection Rules Items Is Not Showing In Membership 2 Pro

I have enabled BuddyPress Integration add-on. It is not adding BuddyPress rules in the “Protection Rules” page. So once enabled I go to Membership 2 / protection rules / BuddyPress. Does not list any BuddyPress pages as shown in the documentation. Please help.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello leaftraders

    I hope you’re fine today!

    I think the issue is related to the specific setup but I’m slightly confused about the install. That’s a Multisite but is it a regular Multisite or a part of Multi-Network install?

    The support access that is granted gives me a super-admin level access but the the multi-site it’s running on and if it was a Multi-Network, I don’t see it. But I noticed a “BP Multi Network” plugin installed and active on the site ant that plugin is for WP Multi-Network. It shouldn’t even work on a regular Multisite setup so that’s what made me ask this question.

    If that’s a Multi-Network that plugin might actually be a source of the problem but I’m not much familiar with it so I’ll need to test it more. Meanwhile, can you please let me know the answer to the question above? That might turn out really helpful :slight_smile:

    Best regards,


  • leaftraders
    • New Recruit

    Hi Adam… until your message above, I did not realize there was a difference between multi-site and multi-network. Let me explain the goal here and please recommend how we should set this up:

    Each Site in the multi-site is created by leaftraders, not users. Each site is dedicated to a specific state. Each state needed a segregated BuddyPress community. Segregated is key, they will only be networking with other members of the same state site. The segregation of Buddypress is why I installed BuddyDev’s BP Multi Network. It was all that I could find that could easily segregate BuddyPress installs.

    Would you recommend we change anything in the setup… if so now is the time… we are in the final couple of weeks of development before opening up to Beta Tester users.

  • leaftraders
    • New Recruit

    Hi Adam, Sorry I rebuilt and didn’t realize I could reply here… so issue is resolved and we can close the ticket. I rebuilt the site from scratch as a multi-network, using the plugin WP Multi-Network. No longer needing the BP Multi-Network plugin. I now have segregation between the Networks (sites) and full buddypress protection rule functionality. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!!

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