Buddypress proximity search plugin - need help testing

i have been working for countless hours trying to finish the premium version of my plugin Wordpress places locator. as i am almost done i need help testing it before i release it (was thinking about wpplugins.com). The free version let you add location to any post type and create search form and results based on the given address and radius. the premium version includes some new features like marking post as "featured post", choose map's icon per post, near location widget that automatically display results based on user's location. but the main featured of the pro version is the buddypress integration. the plugin add new "location" tab to members profile page which let users add their location. to add a location members can either use their current location, drag a marker on the map, google's address autocomplete or manually enter address or lat/long. admin also can choose to either use one map's icon for all members or let users choose their icon.
- in the admin area you can create a search form for either post types or buddy press which in both you can customize it in any way you want.
- for buddypress you can choose any or all profile fields to be included in the search form. distance values, units, you can choose to show/hide avatar and its size , show/hide any or all profile fields, driving distance, get directions icon and more....
- the plugin uses a custom members loop that has its own "results.php" page and "style.css". the default styling is based on the default buddypress theme. However, you can customize it in any way you want. each item in the single result has its own function (ex . wppl_bp_title() to show the title). so the only thing you need to do is move the functions around and wrap them in an additional div tag if you'd like and customize the stylesheet the way you want.
- in the main setting page of the plugin you can choose if to auto locate the user once he visits your site. once located the info being saved via cookies.
- you can choose if to auto display near results once the user go the a search page.
- choose the locator icon.
and more.
it is also very simple to add or remove your own map icons and locator icon. just go to the folders of the icons and add more or delete them. only png file for now.
main icons: in wordpress-places-locator/map-icons/main-icons/
your location icon: wordpress-places-locator/map-icons/your-locations-icon/
locator icon: wordpress-places-locator/images/locator-images
buddypress icons : wordpress-places-locator/plugins/wppl-friends-locator/map-icon

once the plugin activated go to the "adds-on" page and check the buddy press checkbox.

i dont have any Documentation ready yet but you can ask me if anything.
please, if any of you get to test it i really need you to give me some feedback. any feedback. good, bad right or wrong or even if you think that this plugin is ridiculous . if any error (hopefully just few) , if you like it, if you find it useful, if need anything to add or remove and if you would have paid for this plugin (and what you think is a fair price ) or wait for someone else to get something similar for free.
this is my first project but i worked hard to make it work and be a customizable as i could.

this is where you can see the buddypress part in action. enter 33063 , "plantation fl" or any address near fort lauderdale FL in the address field.

thank you

seems i cant get the file attached here so Download it here