Buddypress Q-and-A page (Buddypress profile) yields "page not found" error


Multisite installation (on localhost, in the root directory).

I have Buddypress installed in the main site and Q&A plugin installed in a subsite.

Links to members’ “q-and-a” buddypress profile page (i.e. http//localhost/members/username/q-and-a) yields a Page not found (404) error.

I checked that bp_core_new_nav_item registers correctly in $bp.

Did I overlook something? Am I supposed to copy templates into my theme? Or?



  • DavidM
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    Hi avincom and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Could you let us know what versions of WordPress, BuddyPress and Q&A you’re using first off? Given all the recent updates, that’d help to see whether this is version-related.

    Also, I see you’re on a local computer setup, correct? If so, are other BuddyPress elements/pages working fine?


  • avincom
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    Hi David,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I found out the reason for my initial problem: I thought the QA plugin was network-activated but I had made the mistake of activating it only in the sub-site.

    So the problem is now gone and the page displays all right.

    Now I find that the counters are not correct: they keep displaying 0 question and 0 answer. I’ll dig a little deeper before getting back to you.

    Thanks again.

  • avincom
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    Hi again,

    I played a little more with the plugin and I can see that the Buddypress q-and-a page only displays questions and answers from the main site (through a simple WP_Query call), not from the sub-sites.

    This is an issue for me.

    Can this be addressed, please?


    Best regards.

  • avincom
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    Come on, guys. I expected this place to be more responsive. How difficult is it to confirm whether the plugin is multi-site compliant?

    Can you please confirm this the plugins only pulls questions and answers from the main site when one displays one’s buddypress profile?

  • DavidM
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    Hi avincom,

    My sincere apologies for missing your responses here. Glad you got that initial item sorted but I can confirm, Q&A doesn’t pull network-wide questions and answers when used in a Multisite, so likewise it wouldn’t pull them in the BuddyPress area of your site in a Multisite BuddyPress setup as well.

    I’m afraid it doesn’t do that at this point. We can look at that via a feature suggestion if you like though, if you’ll post that in the following forum:




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