Buddypress Redirect to Member Group

Hey all,

Question about BuddyPress and redirecting logged in users.

I am trying to create a group-oriented BuddyPress site. There would be no real need for “members” as individuals would not interact. Think high-school clubs being able to post announcements, photos, events, etc. I need to have an admin and a user login for each group. Most members of the group would use the same generic login info to access the group info.

BuddyPress “seems” to be the best solution to this scenario, but I am open to others.

My specific question is this: Is there a way to redirect logged in users to their group page rather than an individual profile? I tried BP Login Redirect but out of the box it goes to an individual profile page not a group profile page.

This seems like a rather rambling question, but hopefully you will get the idea.

Love to get info on how to redirect to a group page and/or suggestions on how to better implement the whole “group oriented” site.

Thanks in advance!