Buddypress - 'reply' button for forum items in activity

Hi guys, I'm looking for a solution for the following...

Within Buddypress - when a new forum item shows up in the activity stream, there's a comment button by default, but the comment doesn't turn into a response within that forum thread, just a comment on the activity wall.

Could there be a way to click a 'reply' button for forum items in the activity stream, that takes you through to that forum thread to reply properly?

I found this on buddypress.org , however I'm a bit confused by which bit of code should be used to do this and where exactly to put it (and if it will throw up an ugly error message on my live site!). http://buddypress.org/support/topic/change-reply-button-on-activty-stream-posting-for-forums/

Any help would be greatly appreciated!