BuddyPress Scholar Theme made site disappear...completely!

Hi Folks,

I'm posting this mostly FYI as I have no troubleshooting info. from which to reference a possible fix.

And also in the perhaps vain hope that someone may have experienced something similar and may have jagged a fix :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's what I did:

I installed the theme by following these Installation Instructions meticulously.

I wanted to install the theme on the main site blog only. So I went into Site Admin, Edit Blog and selected 'Activate' next to the Scholar Theme. I then click 'Update Options' and that was it...GONE! EVERYTHING! I couldn't get to my site or Dashboard.

I could only access my site via CPanel. As I had no other available options I tried deleting the Scholar Theme Folders for / themes / ... but that did do anything. That's when I contact my Host Support.

I asked my Host how he got my site back. This is what he said:

"It appears, that the theme you installed is for an alder version of BuddyPress, thus the issue. I removed it, so now the admin area loads properly. To fix a similar issue, you should simply delete the theme's folder from your account."

Go figure! :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I don't hope anyone has had a similar experience, I would like to use this theme, but I'm now very reluctant to try it again...so if anyone has any ideas, they'll be much appreciated.


Stephen G