BuddyPress Scholar Theme Style editing

that might be a stupid question but i have never worked with complex / multiple css files and child theme ... what would be the best way to have schoolar themes signup/registration page formated ... in which CSS does that go and is it possible to get them into the WP-Admin Theme Editor - since we work with two ppl on our site (not at the same time :wink: ...) it would be nice to edit it in place!

Is there already a designed signup page somewhere? If you add checkboxes and such the design is pretty all in one line ... I had "ready to run themes" that were bestter "prepared" for that ... but ... well ... I also see the advantage to ship a "naked" theme with not too much customization! Maybe you could make it an option and include a signup / edit style for the profile informations ... where all the lables and options are blocks so the format more in a table style!?!?

Thanks for any input / thoughts on this!

  • Tammie

    @INKstar sorry need some clarification. Are you using WordPress or WordPress mu and are you using BuddyPress? The sign ups just use the default sign ups. As for styling I need to know those answers to direct you but there is some styling for the sign up form in forms.css and the style depending on which preset style you are using.

    Not sure what you mean a 'naked' theme as Scholar like all our themes are heavily styled that's the point of them with styling for most elements including form elements. We usually do not change the default look of a sign up form from WordPress or BuddyPress we'd rely purely on CSS to style it however you can do that if you wish in a child theme. We wouldn't more than likely add an option as that is what child themes are for.

    I need to see an example of what you mean as the sign up is styled and works fine in my testing but I don't know 'how you are' set up or what even you are using. If possible when relating to a styling issue can you please provide a link along with what your set up is so we can test on your same format.

  • Tammie

    @GC-Archiv.de: I am sorry not overly sure what you are doing. You say you reset the options in theme options. If you reset then it will all revert you need to select each category such as for news posts and any other categories then save as reset will revert them all. If this isn't working you need to check your theme install path and make sure it is wp-content/themes/bp-scholar and if using the child you should also have wp-content/themes/bp-scholar-child/. If you are still having issues please provide a link to your site and please start another thread for a different topic which this is.

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