BuddyPress Scholar theme zip mess

Hi, new customer here, maybe there is a good solution to this issue…

I have been having issues un-zipping and installing packages. Have searched in the forums and seen some similar issues but listed as resolved.

I am using OSX Leopard (not Snow Leopard). When I open up the numbered zip files and try to install the theme (or any other package) it fails. On the server I can see that it is un-zipping into a sub directory and also creating an annoying _MACOSX directory with a duplicate copy (that is also a true pain to delete). I do not have this issue with any plug-ins I download from WordPress.org or any other zip files I expand from other sources.

I manually moved the two folders up into the themes main directory and they show up now so I should be able to activate it but this seems very messy and round-about.