BuddyPress Social not visible with IE browsers

I am using BP Social Theme for the website


The website is not visible with IE browsers, but works with most others (I checked this on http://browsershots.org )

When I validate the website at


I get numerous errors that seem to be associated with how the menus are generated (list of errors included further below).

I am using WP 3.3.2, BP 1.5.5, Social Theme 1.3.5.

I tried turning off all plugins and the website is still not visible with IE browsers.

Any suggestions on how to avoid below errors and get the site working in IE browsers?



Error Line 341, Column 139: Stray end tag li.

…on>Where to?</option><option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net’>Home</option&gt;


Error Line 342, Column 63: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/blog’>Blog</option&gt;


Error Line 343, Column 67: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/events’>Events</option&gt;


Error Line 344, Column 71: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/gallery-8′>Gallery</option&gt;


Error Line 345, Column 78: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/slovenia-landmarks’>Photo</option&gt;


Error Line 346, Column 61: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/map’>Map</option&gt;


Error Line 348, Column 21: Stray end tag ul.

<ul class=”sub-menu”>


Error Line 349, Column 70: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/members’>Members</option&gt;


Error Line 350, Column 72: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/activity’>Activity</option&gt;


Error Line 351, Column 68: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/groups’>Groups</option&gt;


Error Line 352, Column 68: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/forums’>Forums</option&gt;


Error Line 353, Column 5: Stray end tag ul.


Error Line 354, Column 5: Stray end tag li.


Error Line 355, Column 61: Stray end tag li.

<option value=’http://svn.amebylon.net/faq’>FAQ</option&gt;

Error Line 516, Column 6: Stray end tag div.

</div><!– end wrapper –>