buddypress social theme graphical modification


I am working with the Buddypress social theme and I am trying to make it look cooler and move “alive”.

1. Some of your other themes download page have a video, which states that all WPMU DEV themes come with a PDF manual. Is there such a manual for Social?

2. Is there a planed change in the design of the “Social” theme coming soon, or is there another ‘Facebook alike’ Buddypress theme available, or a new one that you are working on?

3. Can I combine two or more themes together? For example if I want to use your “Showcase” theme’s cubical header, or your “Gallery” theme photo switcher on one of my “Social” pages, what is the easiest way to do so?

4. I would like to change the way the top menubar looks. For example, the Sencha & Conduit menubars.

Do you have a theme with quite a similar menu?

5. I try to customize each activity frame and sub-frames (activity title, activity comments) colors, text and adding CSS ‘border-radius’ (see attached image). Give it a look that is somehow similar to Facebook’s mobile application. Is there a way doing so from the theme customization page?