BuddyPress Social Theme: heavy customization... Safe Future Updates?


quick question:

I had some pretty heavy visual customizations done (hired someone on Odesk) to the BuddyPress Social Theme (on a WP MS install): see my test site here:


* custom background
* custom right column width
* changed sign-up header size, etc.
* and more

MY QUESTION: so, as long as all this custom stuff is in the CHILD THEME, chances are when updating the Social Theme (and only updating the PARENT theme) should not bring any issues and KEEP THE CUSTOMIZATIONS?

From my notes:
Your customizations are safeguarded from future upgrades because YOU ONLY UPGRADE THE *PARENT* THEME, which you never edit (!)
while the CUSTOMIZATIONS are protected in your CHILD theme which you don’t upgrade!!!

So, when you now update the SOCIAL THEME, and only the CHILD theme is activated, will the auto-upate of the Social Theme, now automatically understand to only update the PARENT THEME (which is NOT activated)?

Foresight is better than afterthought. :wink:

Any thoughts appreciated.



  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Falk,

    Yep that's correct! Being a child theme, your theme will remain unharmed in the event of a parent theme upgrade and an upgrade to the parent theme really shouldn't affect anything with your child theme (on rare occasions, there's some major changes made to the parent, but we'll be happy to go through those with you in such cases).


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