buddypress social theme. Need to change page title color and search options

two questions...

1. how do i change color of the page titles. As shown in the attached file for example where do i change the title page" group directory" from black ( as shown in your demo) to for instance blue?

2. how do i change the search box options sort of similar to what you have in your demo...

your search options include: members, groups,forums,blogs..

my theme shows members,groups,posts. thats it..not exactly like shown in your demo..

How do i change it to the following options:
members,groups,forums,blogs,links. I have installed the pro version of links and would love to add that to the search option as well.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    #1 you will need to use CSS

    just change the CSS for the post-title

    .post-title {
        color: #000000 !important;

    if you use the firebug extension for firebug browser, it will allow you to select an element on page and will show you which CSS is used for that element you can then add this to your CSS to change it.

    #2 the forums this is for is now legacy and unsupported by buddypress, you should use bbpress for forums.

    you can enable the old system if you wish, bnut in future bp versions this is no longer supported and will be eventually removed.

    if you enable the legacy forums, go to dashboard > buddypress > components tab

    then click the retired link.

    tick the box for legacy forums and save.

    then you'll need to go through the setup procedure for the forums. though i would just stick to bbpress.

    I'll ask the developer to look into this so he can try and make this work as standard with bbpress forums in a future release.

    hope this helps

  • simon101
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks for the reply..still not clear on # 2.

    your search demo for this theme has the following options:


    My search option for this theme shows:


    Even if we sideline the forum issue you indicated I would still like to have the search options you have in your demo such as members, groups,blogs, and also would like to search for the Links since I have installed the "links" pro plugin.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    as i said in my response, the forums & blogs was for the old legacy buddypress functions which have now been deprecated by buddypress. so with the new features of buddypress and bbpress, they work differently, as this theme was developed initially for the older versions, these menu items will not appear unless you use the older legacy forums. but as i say if you enable those, they aren't supported anymore and will be removed in future, so i wouldn't use the legacy forums.

    i have added this to the feature requests for the theme developer to look at bringing the menu items uptodate so that they will display using the new bp/bbpress forums instead. but i can't give an ETA on when this can be done.

    hope this helps

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