Buddypress themes

I confirm that there is always a real design error.
As I started to say it in this topic.

It is hard to spot, but it is there and it is very problematic.
The homepage is broken in the following case:

If the blog is new and does not contain even a single article, and if you did not enter a category featured in Featured Settings, then the result is that the sidebar on the right is rejected after the widgets from the center and left and below .

This is a serious problem since it is immediately apparent on delivery to a customer or at the time of installation.

The problem is hidden if you enter an ID of a featured category.

I think you should review the fact that a user can not see a category featured on the homepage, but all his articles. And especially that its site is not broken even before he published.

Thanks to fix it

May be you should think again about your final code in main-column.php:
<?php if($featured_count != '1') { ?></ul></div><?php } ?>
What is it for ?
This endline brake everything