Buddypress themes enable-Manual wrong!

Hi Guys,

Brand new member here. Not IT trained and first time ever dealing with wmpu and bp, so I need some guidance.

I've just learned from the faq here that buddypress theme must only be applied to the main site, not to all the member's sites (yes, I'm that much a novice!)

My site is currently deploying the buddypress default for new test user accounts that I set up, and I'm trying to figure out how to fix this.

I have the buddypress manual open now, under 'enabling your buddypress theme for main blog only', and looking at it, along with my site's super admin dashboard, and the manual tells me that there should be a 'blog themes' panel to the right of the 'site/blog' info panel.

This doesn't exist on my site admin page.

This is probably something that'll make you seasoned campaigner groan, but what am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Ed.

  • Sue

    Sorry Ed and I'm in the process of updating all manuals as quickly as possible. Unfortunately delays caused by WordPress 3.0 being released while I traveling combined with a broken left hand :slight_frown:

    Can I get you to check the information in the WordPress and WordPress Multisite for enabling a theme on a per blog site basis (located here https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-manual/changing-themes-on-a-per-blog-basis/ ) and let me know if that helps you?

  • edvt

    Hi Sue,

    I'm afraid that link leads to-

    'Sorry, we can't find the content you're looking for at this URL. Please try selecting a menu item from above or to the side of this message to get where you'd like to go.'

    I had a look in those manuals for myself, but no joy, screen shots and info just as different as the bp manual.

    I had a look over your wp.mu site for hosting and it's twitchy and offering the same message above on most pages, and timing out on some, too, so you may have a problem.

    One question you might be able to answer for me easily is- on the dashboard the version of wordpress is given in the 'right now' panel. I have 'wordpress 3.0' Should this properly be 'wordpress multiuser', to work with buddypress?

    I didn't do the install myself, it was done by the hosting service, and I've never seen the backend of a wordpress site before to know what I should be looking at, but if this isn't mu, it may be part of the problem?
    Or am I just grasping at straws?
    This was why I went looking at wp.mu hosting, to see if it might be worth my while to switch and get a proper installation from guys who specialise in this, but the site's so cranky at the moment that I've given up.
    I'll go back and have another try later, see if the gremlins are gone :slight_smile:

    Thanks, Ed.

    PS Cracked my left knee a week ago and know how sore a broke bone is, hope the hand's feeling better :slight_smile:

  • Sue

    Sorry Ed. I did the old putting the bracket too close to the URL trick which is why you had trouble. I've fixed it now and here it is again - https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-manual/changing-themes-on-a-per-blog-basis/

    Can you tell me if you see the Super Admin menu items when you log in using your admin password? WordPress Multisite has the Super Admin menu while WiordPress 3.0 doesn't as per the attached image.

    Not good re- your knee. Is it feeling any better?

  • edvt

    Thanks Sue,

    Yep, I have the super admin panel.

    I've just been over on the buddypress forums and primothemes sites doing some reading on this, and I'm told that the 3.0 now incorporates multiuser inherently.

    'WPMU is essentially the same thing as Multisite Networking. As of WordPress 3.0, WPMU is now built right into the main WordPress distribution. The two applications were merged into one. Only, instead of being called WPMU, it is now referred to as Multisite Networking.'

    So I guess that the version I'm using is fine.

    Silly little things to be figuring out, but, like I said, for folks like myself who've never seen the backend of wordpress before, in any form or version, we don' know whether what we're looking at is right, wrong or indifferent. Hope you don't mind :slight_smile:

    I'll have a good look thru that page you've linked later, it's loading fine now, thanks.

    I'm a literary editor, not IT, and struggling now I'm past the easy set-up and into the fiddly bits. I think I'd be much better off hiring someone to come into my site, write me a report on what's wrong and what needs to be fixed and finished and quote me for it, but I've tried to get pro help for stuff before and had problems, mainly along the lines of the so-called 'pro's' backing off once they got the full specs for the job.
    Can you recommend anyone who might be reliable, as in will actually be up to the job, and not soil their undies and run away on me? :stuck_out_tongue:

    And the knee is coming along, only cracked, not broken right thru, so I was lucky. Just don't overwork the hand with all that rewriting :slight_smile:


  • Sue

    Hi Ed, you will definitely find it easier once I've updated all the manuals. Unfortunately it does take some time because of the types of changes, the number of screenshots and there is new information that needs to be added.

    WordPress 3.0 does include Mulitsite but it isn't installed automatically when you install WordPress 3.0. You have to do extra steps to enable networks to make it into WordPress Multisite ( https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-manual/creating-a-network-to-enable-wordpress-multisite/ ). I expected that your wp.mu install would have been WordPress Multisite/BuddyPress however always safer to check than assume :slight_smile:

    Personally I would recommend holding off a bit until I complete the manuals as they probably the extra guidance you need - but at least once they are done you'll know for sure.

    Thanks re-hand and it is used to it now.

  • edvt

    Well, that depends on the timescale. If the manuals are going to take a while, I'll need to get some help still, coz I'm on a publishing schedule and need to be launched and open to submission calls within a few weeks, couple of months at the very outside.

    Not to sound selfish after cautioning you on your hand, but what's the time line like for the manuals? If not within a couple of weeks, so that I'll have time then to use them, then I'll need to go for a hired developer to meet my schedule.

    I'll go thru that page tomorrow, when I'm more awake. Getting late down here in Oz, nearly time for my cocoa, slippers and 'lecky blacket :slight_smile:

  • edvt

    That's what I figured.

    No problem, I think I'll do better with some hired help anyway, as I don't really have a head for the tech-speak, and couldn't hack a bit of code if I had a gun to my head.

    I'll try the jobs board here and see if anyone answers. Surely someone wont mind an easy hundred, just to poke around a half set-up site and write me a report on what's needed to fix it and to get it finished. There might be a few things that I CAN do myself, once they're pointed out to me and I've got a guide to work to, but more likely most of it will be for someone who knows what they're doing.

    Keep plugging away, Sue, and thanks for your help. It's nice to know I'm not the only one pulling a weekender and late nights, heheh.

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