Buddypress Themes Subblog Update - Preferred the Old Method


Hey guys, I just recently loaded up the updated version of Buddypress Scholar, which is great because it has an update that helps to eliminate a problem that existed with showing a default-sidebar in an awkward position in the groups section.

That being said, I realize that this update also included the update which makes it easier to use Buddypress themes on subblogs. The concern I have is that I really liked the older method for the site that I'm establishing. The way my site will work is that I will have ownership of all blogs. My goal is to keep each of these blogs uniform except for some slight differences in color and of course having different widgets and what not depending on the subblog. I really liked having the spot at the top to login/logout on every blog. I also liked keeping the nav bar the way it was because it made it easier to unify everything across all blogs.

So I guess this is mostly a question for Aaron. Is there some code I can remove or modify somewhere that will easily cause this part of the update to revert back to the older structure?